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Why are Smoothies so beloved?

Smoothies have once been an indispensable part of many people's menu, especially among office-working women. Rich in nutrients, delicious in taste, and beneficial for health and beauty, it's no wonder this drink has become so popular. Within each glass of smoothie is a source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals from various natural vegetables and fruits.



Drinking Smoothie in the Morning


Having a smoothie in the morning, especially at least an hour before physical activity or right after a workout, is an optimal choice. If you don't plan on exercising in the morning, replacing your breakfast with a smoothie is also a good idea. The main reason is that smoothies provide energy and protein without accumulating fat, unlike starchy breakfasts like bread, vermicelli, or pho.


Another point that makes breakfast the ideal time to enjoy a smoothie is that the nutrients from fruits and vegetables are best absorbed by the body in the morning, before you proceed to eat other foods.

If you choose a smoothie for breakfast, remember to combine it with sources of protein and calories like oats, flax seeds, chia seeds, protein powder, and collagen powder. This ensures that the body receives adequate energy and essential nutrients to function throughout the day.


Drinking Smoothie for Lunch


For a balanced and nutritious lunch, in your smoothie, you should add healthy fat sources along with protein. Yogurt not only provides protein but also aids digestion; avocado, rich in monounsaturated fats, boosts energy; while bananas, containing abundant potassium and natural sugars, enhance energy levels and provide a lasting feeling of fullness.



Keep in mind that to effectively replace lunch with a smoothie, carefully consider the nutrition from each component. This helps you maintain energy, stay alert, and not face sudden hunger pangs in the subsequent working hours.


Drinking Smoothie Before Exercising

To optimize performance during weight loss workouts and maintain physique, fueling up with a smoothie is a smart choice. By drinking a smoothie 20 to 30 minutes before your session, you ensure that the body has converted the nutrients into energy, helping you achieve maximum performance during the workout.



In the smoothie designated for workouts, bananas and apples are two common fruits that provide quick, easily absorbable carbohydrates. Oats supply complex carbohydrates, providing sustained energy. Avocado and peanuts contain healthy fats and protein, helping maintain a feeling of fullness and sustained energy. Protein powder is also a good option to supplement the necessary protein, aiding recovery and muscle building post-workout.

Remember, depending on individual physiology and workout goals, you can adjust the components in the smoothie to be most suitable.


Drinking Smoothie After a Workout


Post-workout, the body needs to recover and rehydrate. The post-workout smoothie should focus on protein to support the muscles. Ingredients like yogurt, avocado, nuts, and berries are good choices. However, wait at least 20 minutes after the workout before enjoying a smoothie.





Drinking Smoothie for Dinner


To aid weight loss, drink a smoothie before dinner or before bedtime, ideally 30-40 minutes apart from the main meal. Avoid adding sugars and opt for low-sugar fruits for this smoothie.




When Shouldn't You Drink a Smoothie?



While there are many appropriate times to enjoy a smoothie, have you ever wondered when it might not be the best idea? Be sure to avoid drinking smoothies during the following two times!

Before bedtime: Avoid drinking smoothies right before sleep, especially if they are rich in sugars and fruits. If you must have one, ensure you drink it 30-40 minutes before going to bed.

After a full meal: Consuming a smoothie when you're already full can lead to an excess intake of energy and potentially cause weight gain. To curb your hunger, have a smoothie before your main meal instead.


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